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We are experienced professionals who understand your needs and requirements. With the evolving nature of technology all around, we aspire to provide you the means to succeed. Our team provides solutions using the latest technologies to make life easier.

Product Strategy

Complete understanding of what the user expects, wants and hates about digital products.

UI/UX Design

Driven by research, we translate an abstract idea into a product context, highlighting the importance of the user experience alongside carefully crafted UI.

Web Development

Our development team excels at building high performance products across all platforms and devices.

Mobile Development

Keep your customers close and engaged by getting on their phones. We can help you uncover new growth opportunities by building custom mobile products.

Mobile apps, Web apps, AI

Automatic Feature Estimation of Music

Web, 3D Image processing, Teleradiology

The Mobile-First Teleradiology platform

on our services

“ChordU is fantastic! Congratulations. It's so easy, simple and fascinating. What a pioneering technology! Everyone can play every song easily. Highly recommendable.”

“As a professional musician, I love this ChordU app! Works great on a firestick/large TV too : ) Not perfect everytime with chords, but pretty high accuracy overall.”

“Mediog is fast, simple, and very user-friendly. Now, we can report from our mobile. There must be an excellent team behind this.”

“I used this chordu, the best ones are professional, they are good, and I suggest those who have reached the final stage of the guitar, know and install it.”

Our core values

Make something Wonderful

We take pride in what we deliver as a team. Covering full ownership over the challenges we face and relentlessly working to help our clients build products that contrast.

Goal oriented

Achieving goals is the most critical objective behind everything we do.
Measure success. Learn. Improve.


Customers are the center of Flowrec's world. On our mission to solve your problems, we always work at our best.

Understanding users

We put ourselves in the viewpoint of the end-user to understand what makes their experience more accessible.

Deliver a little more

We go beyond delivering what just works. We take time to brainstorm and find possible optimizations.

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